Creative Photography

What started as my passion for capturing the wide open skies and simple beauty of North Dakota led to growing a following online, and eventually selling prints to family and local businesses. I have always been driven to take photos of nature, city skylines, and unique landscapes. It sounds cliche, but I believe that a photo should tell a story, and I do my best to not get in the way of what my subject is trying to share with those who take the time to listen. Now I mainly do my artistic photography as a side hustle, and I get an almost therapeutic value out of spending time with the landscapes and cityscapes I photograph. The rush of chasing sunrises and sunsets is something that never gets old. I love sitting out at night capturing the stars as we slowly pass by them. 

I am still in the process of working out the most accessible way to sell artistic photos, but as of now, limited run prints are available on my shop website

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